Key benefits

Saves you money

Whether you make a 3D printed mold or have an aluminum mold professionally machined, the cost of making a mold to fit this hand operated machine will be far less expensive than it would be to make one for a production size injection molder.

Saves you time

If you’re an inventor or do any kind of product development work, you’ve probably experienced the “fun” of having to modify a prototype five, ten or even twenty times until you finally get it the way you want it. With this machine, you can quickly produce multiple variations of your prototypes whenever you need them, and not have to wait days or weeks for someone else to do it for you.

Makes you money

With this machine you can produce small plastic parts inexpensively and on demand, and sell them to niche markets. Some examples are: novelty items, custom components for model cars, boats, planes & trains; game pieces; jewelry; keychains; military and game figurines (and custom accessories for them), etc. Not to mention the millions of specialized component plastic parts used in industry to fabricate devices, machinery, appliances, tools, electronics, automobiles, etc.

Quality made

Our benchtop molders are made in the USA with high quality component parts produced by experienced machinists, who take great pride in their work.

Reasonably priced

When you consider the money and development time it saves, the cost of this machine can often be justified, even if it’s used for a single project.

Preserves confidentiality

By making your own prototypes you avoid the risks associated with disclosing your ideas and inventions to others too early.


The Model B-100 weighs about 35 lbs., and doesn’t require an air compressor to operate it. If you’re working on a project with a partner or a friend, and they need to borrow it, simply unbolt it from your workbench and hand it to them. It can also be mounted to a 12″ x 12″ platform for temporary clamping to your workbench, and quick removal if extra bench space is needed.  

Tangible asset

If you pay someone else to make a plastic part for you and it doesn’t work the way you thought it would, that money is gone regardless. If you invest in your own machine, you can make as many prototypes as you want, whenever you want, and even if none of them work, you still own a machine that has intrinsic value.


This machine is simple to operate: Clamp in a mold. Pour in the plastic pellets. Wait until they melt, then pull down the handle to inject the plastic. That’s pretty much it.

Competitive edge

Whether you use this machine for your hobby, business, invention, education, artistic creation, quality control, R&D, or for some other purpose, the ability to manufacture real plastic parts at a moments notice is a big competitive advantage.