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User created videos & product reviews

Short video clip demonstrating our Model B-100. Posted by Alex from Microfactory Coop (located in Canada).

Unboxing and video review of our Model B-100. Posted by Mokanaman

Review of our Mix-Molder System. Posted by Sparx Engineering.

YouTube video demonstrating our Model B-100 used in combination with a Formlabs 3D printer and Autodesk 360 software. Posted by Autodesk

YouTube video of our (now obsolete) Model A-100 posted by Fathom

Companies that sell epoxy and RTV mold making supplies:

Smooth-On, Inc.

Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company

Companies that manufacture 3D printers suitable for making 3D printed molds:

Formlabs (manufacturer of SLA type 3D printers)

Longer 3D (uses LCD light technology to cure the liquid resin)

Article explaining how the 3D printer curing technologies DLP and SLA differ from each other. Written by Formlabs.

Machinery related links for inventors:

TORMACH – Manufactures & sells a personal CNC machines

CNC ZONE – Popular discussion forum for CNC machine users.

Technical info sources for plastics:

MATWEB – Has large data base of material data sheets for plastics and other materials.

UL PROSPECTOR – Search engine for plastics. Also has free access to data sheets, articles, technical info.

OMNEXUS – Search engine for plastics. Also has free access to data sheets, articles, technical info.

Potential suppliers of plastic resin pellets:


NOTE: Most resin distributors have a minimum order of 50 lbs. or 25 kg.

FORMERRA – Resin distributor

SHUMAN PLASTICS – Resin distributor


THE PLASTICS EXCHANGE – Long (accurate?) list of suppliers, distributors, brokers and custom compounders of plastic resin pellets, chemical additives, colorants, etc.

Process related technical information:

Eliminating air bubbles, voids & blisters from injection molded parts.

Short video describing different gate designs.

Article entitled: 11 injection Molding defects and how to prevent them.

List of 11 common injection molding defects and some troubleshooting suggestions.

Glossary of Injection Molding related terms.