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Saves you money

Whether you make an epoxy mold to reproduce an existing part, or machine an aluminum mold to make a totally new part, you will save money. Even if you have your molds professionally made for you, the cost of making a small mold to fit this machine will be far less expensive than it would be to make one for a production size injection molder.


Saves you time

If you're an inventor or do any kind of product development work, you've probably experienced the "fun" of having to modify a prototype five, ten or even twenty times until you finally get it the way you want it. With this machine, you can quickly produce multiple variations of your prototypes as quickly and often as you need them, and not have to wait days or weeks for someone else to do it for you.


Makes you money
With this machine you can produce small plastic parts inexpensively and sell them to niche markets. Some examples are: novelty items, custom components for model cars, boats, planes & trains; game pieces; plastic jewelry; keychains; military and fantasy game figures (and modified body parts for them), etc. Not to mention the millions of specialty plastic parts used in industry to fabricate devices, machinery, appliances, tools, electronics, automobiles, etc.

Quality made
This machine is made in the USA. It has quality components throughout produced by experienced machinists who take great pride in their work.


Reasonably priced

The cost of this machine is easily justified when you consider the money and development time it saves you can return your investment on your very first project.

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